PFAG To Educate Members on Global Coronavirus Pandemic

The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has encouraged all professional footballers to continue to be health-conscious in the light of the Corona Virus global pandemic.


The PFAG, in its role as the mother body for all Ghanaian professional footballers, regards the continued safety and well-being of all players, their families, teeming fans and everybody that works within the football fraternity and beyond as its top priority.


We echo calls from the Worldwide Player Union, FIFPro, in encouraging management of various clubs and the players themselves to continue to take steps to maintain their optimal health especially at this time.


Such measures include frequent and prolonged handwashing with soap and water, the use of tissues when coughing and sneezing, and keeping up to date with the latest information from the World Health Organization on this important public health issue.


Global statistics are alarming, and this worrying trend has hit the world of sports especially hard.


The PFAG will continue to work with the relevant authorities and the appropriate medical staff at the various clubs to provide education and advice to our members both domestically and internationally.


We will take advantage of our regular club visitation schedule to add our voice towards creating greater awareness on the situation.


The PFAG continues to stand with the players and for the players!

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