1. You, together with all professional footballers world-wide will be a member of the world players union FIFPro.


  1. The PFAG continues and strengthens the developmental process and relationship building amongst the professional football family. Being a member of the PFAG is part of a journey, not the final destination that enhances your football career and leads to goal-congruence.


  1. The PFAG has a skill set of able professionals with over 30 years industry experience who are all experts at getting the most out of people. They will counsel you on life after football issues and help you develop your career.


  1. The contractual issues that are key to you can be addressed as they happen, and tracked and monitored as they unfold.


  1. You own the solution to your own issues. You get the benefit of fantastic advice and support, but at the end of the day the resolution is down to you.


  1. Keeps you informed on football related issues, career advice and social issues.


  1. You maintain a link with a network centered around football professionals and coaches.


  1. All members are automatically premium members of the Association, with unrestricted access to physiotherapy advice at subsidized rates.


  1. You can cease to be a member whenever you wish. There are no restrictive conditions.


  1. We are significantly better value, as is attested to by our continuing growth and our rising collective bargaining power.