Football 4 wash: All Hands On Deck!!

The beautiful game of football continues to leave its mark of excellence in all corners of the globe; and in Ghana, this is no different.

For years, football has bridged divides, united warring factions, and served as pivot for instituting positive societal change. The key proponents in ensuring such noteworthy outcomes have always been the players themselves; superheroes of the scores of teeming fans the world over!

In Ghana, the PFAG has taken up the task of ensuring that our national footballing heroes continue to serve as inspiration to all, while raising aspirations of the entire nation by championing desirable social issues, which ultimately impact the country at large.

The “Football4Wash” programme is one of our corporate social responsibility programmes, which aims at ensuring that we live in a healthy nation by observing good hand hygiene practices and thereby reducing the incidence and spread of many communicable infections and diseases.

F4Wash is a four year programme which, in collaboration with key governmental agencies, was implemented in November 2012 by the PFAG, UNICEF Ghana, New Energy (and its partners), and the Ghana Water Company Limited.

It has covered some 13 districts across 5 regions in the country, notably La Dadekotopon and Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region, Tamale and Tolon in the Northern Region, and the Elmina metropolis in the Central Region. The project has generally reached 232 schools and 98,245 school children with safe and improved water and sanitation facilities, football facilities and improved education.

The programme seeks to engage some of Ghana’s football legends to serve as role models for both young and old in the practice of hand washing. Stars such as Anthony Baffoe, Steven Appiah, Michael Essien, Abubakr Damba and former Netherland international, Aaron Winter have all literally put their hands on deck to help create a greater awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene practices, as well as its related health issues among community members.

Along with our partners, it remains our candid hope and firm belief that such events will help us all realize our ultimate dream of creating more vibrant communities throughout the country.

So come on and join our stars, and lets all lend a hand to F4W to ensure a healthier Ghana!!

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