PFAG Marks World Football Day by Joining In Calls for Greater Recognition For Female Players

As football fans around the world gather to officially celebrate the world’s most popular sport on the 25th of May each year, the Professional Footballers Association of Ghana (PFAG) has used the opportunity to encourage all stakeholders to give adequate attention to our female professionals exhibiting their talents in the country and beyond.


In line with the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the resolution proclaiming May 25th as World Football Day, the PFAG wishes to extend its well wishes to all Ghanaian professional footballers plying their trade domestically and internationally.


Football has truly emerged as the world’s number one sport, and for years it has served as a unifying force which has traversed various cultural and socio-econimic barriers to promote tolerance, respect and nation building on many fronts.


As we doff our hats to all our members from our national teams to club sides in Ghana and globally, we also seek to shine the spotlight on the invaluable contributions made by our female members.

We acknowledge the uphill battle faced by female athletes the world over, and have committed ourselves to championing their cause here in Ghana.


Today marking World Football Day, the PFAG joins in with UNESCO to ask for an equal playing field in all football and sporting endeavours to create a more inclusive and empowering future for both male and female professionals.


The PFAG, as mother body for all professional footballers in the country, will continue to provide the needed avenues to recognise both male and female members on all platforms and in our numerous engagements.


As always, the PFAG continues to stand with them and for them!

Once again, Happy World Football Day to us all!








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