The Professional Footballers Association of Ghana is setting up a training camp to prepare out-of-contract players for their next opportunity, as the new-season arrives. This program is supported by the PFAG Foundation.

Several players will, possibly, find themselves unemployed at the end of the 2021/22 season. In their way of assisting the players, PFAG is offering a very challenging training environment to provide elite athletes the opportunity to return to the professional game.

The training program, set to commence on June 12, 2022 at Adjiriganor park, would be guided by Seth Ablade (UEFA A License Holder) and Abdul Faisal Chibsah (USSF A License Holder).



The words ‘out of contract’ to any footballer is not words of comfort. Not knowing if you’ll be scooped up by another club or what the future holds is daunting, and the situation can be described as dire. In addition to the on-the-pitch training, the players would be guided on future contracts when joining a new club, mental health issues through our partners, financial literacy education, careers after football and other player-related matters.

A strength and conditioning session in the gym would be included as part of the training program to ensure players are physically prepared, in addition to the technical and tactical preparations on the field. There will be friendly games played with few professional clubs. The main scope of these friendly matches is, to provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of Coaches from various clubs from different divisions, attending purposely to seek new talent for their clubs

There is no participation fee. Eligibility is only based upon PFAG membership. Anyone wishing to join the PFAG for their training camp, kindly complete the online registration by clicking here

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