Ghana shows Africa the way forward by sharing FIFA and CAF funds

FIFPRO Africa welcomes the decision by the Ghanaian Football Association to share the total funds assigned by FIFA and the CAF, amounting to 1.8 million dollars, among the various parties and partners in national football, including the professional footballers’ association (PFAG).

The two authorities allocated the funds within the framework of the financial aid granted to the FAs following the Covid-19 crisis.

Click here for the disbursement of funds by the Ghana FA.

Stéphane Burchkalter, Secretary General of FIFPRO Africa, comments: “The Ghanaian Football Association is showing the way forward with this very sensible decision, which will limit the adverse effects of the crisis and will naturally benefit the clubs and therefore the players, whose contracts it has not been possible to honour in the normal way.”

“In this regard, we strongly encourage all the African football associations to follow the path mapped out by the Ghanaians and to redistribute the total funds received from FIFA and the CAF, particularly to those who need them most.”


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