Didier Drogba, the two-time African footballer of the year, has released a statement about the 2016 FIFPro Employment Report.

“Well done FIFPro for organising this survey – the first of its kind – and giving a voice to footballers worldwide. I strongly encourage you to read the results.

They show that professional footballers in many African countries do not have the clearly defined status they deserve – or any status at all.





In Africa, football is not like other jobs. For many players, it’s their only source of income and it takes up all of their time.

Half of the players questioned said they’d had problems getting paid on time in the last two years. That’s unacceptable.

Many African footballers have no holiday entitlement and are left without the medical care they need to do their jobs. This has to change.

Africa’s professional footballers must be treated as proper employees. Only then will they be able to perform to their best. The continent as a whole stands to gain.”

Didier Drogba is an honorary president of FIFPro’s Division Africa.

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